Charlie Kirk: “The Kari Lake campaign was giving bad legal advice”

From the November 15, 2022, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on YouTube 

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): What frustrates me, though, is that I was so attacked for telling people to maybe early vote.

KIRK: So, guys, and this is the person, whoever at the Arizona Republican Party decided to publish this thing on a piece of paper. So my mother-in-law is a four out of four registered Republican and someone knocked on her door in Arizona.

And I’ll never forget this. It was a week and a half and – a week and a half, two weeks after the election, and they dropped off a golden ticket. Right? Which is how to vote on all the props and everything. And on the top of the golden ticket, it said the primary proved that voting on Election Day is the best strategy. And I thought to myself and we did a whole show on it, I said, man, we’re broadcasting exactly how the Democrats can disrupt our final move. Like we’re telling them that all they have to do is create some sort of clogging of the drain on that day.

KIRK: And so, and by the way, there is a lot to fight on this. And I’m trying to communicate this with Abe Hamadeh’s campaign – and this is where, honestly, there was some really bad legal advice. Andrew, remember when some people came out and said you can check in at one polling place and vote at another? Remember when people said that? Yeah, it’s not true. There’s three thousand voided voted-in black bags right now in the Maricopa County tabulation center.

The Kari Lake campaign was giving bad legal advice.